AuTech GmbH moves headquarters back to Sulzbach-Laufen

AuTech Automationstechnologie GmbH produces tube processing machines for chipless cutting and forming of tube ends. The patented solution is sold worldwide. Another main pillar is the automation of production processes. Here, customer-specific solutions are developed and implemented. Depending on requirements, industrial robots are used for this purpose.

In 2013, AuTech moved its headquarters from Eisbach to rented premises in Untergröningen due to a lack of space. However, the goal and desire was to move into their own 4 walls in the long term and to relocate the company headquarters back to Sulzbach-Laufen. The managing directors Ralf Sauter and Rainer Wolf both come from the community and are rooted here. Unfortunately, the municipality was only able to offer a perspective with the expansion of the industrial park in Sulzbach a good 3 years ago. This was then also used by the company AuTech. After the corresponding building permit and construction phase, the company was able to start operations at Kocherweg 37 in Sulzbach at the beginning of August.

The municipality of Sulzbach-Laufen is pleased about the extremely positive development of the company AuTech in the last years, the return to Sulzbach-Laufen and congratulates this innovative young company for the positive development.

We wish now much success in the industrial park Kocherwiesen, a healthy growth and a stable order situation.

Mayor Bock visited the company AuTech on September 10 in the new premises and brought the greetings and wishes of the community.